Friday, 5 May 2017

Coldness Crossovers

Some photos are available for episode 5 (?) Prison Break that show Michael in a kitchen helping prepare for a BBQ

Clearly the "flashback" footage will be enjoyed in the appropriate context  and I cannot wait to see the episode. Seeing Went in a house in a white shirt rather than the Prison walls is refreshing - clear and cool (sexy - obviously!!). However I expect that we will learn that a Prison comes in different shapes.

Meanwhile...allowing my imagination to ..wander 

It looks to me from the photo angles that Went could be near to a "refrigerator" Now whilst I long to see him at a BBQ (...anywhere) there is an innate fascination about his "fridge". LOL

Having blogged about him working from his previous kitchen "island" within arms reach of the "fridge", then Went picking up the role of Captain Cold c/o The Tundra,I just would like to see Went - or Michael -delve into his cold storage. Like..what does Went keep in his..?

As Leonard, he keeps his ice gun well frozen ready for the burst as required and I expect there is a pack of M's in there too - as blogged once before.But otherwise there is no obvious chill snack open to the viewers eye. 

I love to imagine however in Went's fridge,some can or bottle coolers  "chillin" on level 3  - designed as little Parka's with a fluffy hood ready to be used when "grabbing to go".   Obviously M&M's will have a shelf of their own,, along with some Peanut Butter cups or otherwise. Cold pizza slice (no anchovies).Milk for the Oreos .. if that is still a favorite.

Opening the fridge door to peer inside is something that all of us do (that and the cookie jar)- no matter how old. Coming back from a trip,family returning home for a visit,getting home after a long arduous day - many go straight to the refrigerator for cool,calm and comfort - chilled or iced. The fridges have to be stocked in order to meet this requirement - otherwise huge disappointment can follow and a thirst or hunger not quenched. If that happens,shopping usually follows quickly behind - to re-stock. Buying chilled or frozen, cuts down the time required but there is comfort in knowing that you have both the instant and long term "coldgratification".

The fascination of what might be in any "fridge" has dominated many an Instagram feed on and off over the years - usually "healthy eating" orientated sites. Taking photos of the inside of a "fridge/freezer" could be considered a sociological experiment based as to the eating and cold storage habits of any population - including actual Tundra's. Lots of healthy greenness and berry rich blues and reds,natural low fat non-dairy yoghurts,zero calorie drinks and bottles of water adorn - and are wonderful. Just make sure the chocolate,cheese,bit of cake if not Pizza and rich,creamy yogurt are stored away behind the large lettuce - or Kale for that t-smoothie - before any photo... and hide the expiry dates too.

Looking at YouTube also there is a plethora of "Fridge Tours" available - all of which are fuller than mine. As this blog likes to multi-task, here is a very helpful Fridge Video.

Helpful for BBQ's too..

The Coldness Crossovers would be beautifully obvious,great fun and appropriate and I'd love to see inside the" property master's stocked on set Scofield refrigerator" -with Went's M & Ms inside..

Love love love

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Beautiful screen shot - thank you to @simplywentworth,Facebook and Instagram.

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