Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Behind the Eyes

Well it happened last night in the US - the finale of Prison Break.

I will watch it with my own eyes before writing my thoughts and feelings here but..
I all ready know that it was brilliant.

And I know the "ending" too. 
Thank goodness. It is set up for more - should they come.

What might be so cool is that the TV corporations can agree that "we" view future episodes at the same time. It goes without saying that when any performance or show brings the excitement that #PB always has and other shows likewise,there is always going to be a spoiler - the intense excitement is too much. It is more about "warning" of spoilers as best you can - before they appear - that's all. 

I am thrilled that Sarah managed a few words for us last night pre show and the twitter feed was busy from Robert,Augustus,Marina,Vaun,Mike,Paul and the writing team. Thank you to them for being in the moment and re-living those scenes.

But there is one person who I haven't yet thanked..

..and that is the patient person who made all the origami cranes (clearly not Went - who is very patient but has yet to master Origami.. )

I would find if very funny if that person was Mark - miss out the middle man. He as Jacob is the one who threw them away after all, so make them,do a few scenes with them and then throw them .. was probably in his "Writer".!!

Seriously how many were in that drain ? Lots of paper,time and expertise went into those cranes - they may even have been a thousand of them.

Proud of the work you have all delivered on so many levels and in so many ways.

Thank you again.

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