Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Behind the Eyes

Well it happened last night in the US - the finale of Prison Break.

I will watch it with my own eyes before writing my thoughts and feelings here but..
I all ready know that it was brilliant.

And I know the "ending" too. 
Thank goodness. It is set up for more - should they come.

What might be so cool is that the TV corporations can agree that "we" view future episodes at the same time. It goes without saying that when any performance or show brings the excitement that #PB always has and other shows likewise,there is always going to be a spoiler - the intense excitement is too much. It is more about "warning" of spoilers as best you can - before they appear - that's all. 

I am thrilled that Sarah managed a few words for us last night pre show and the twitter feed was busy from Robert,Augustus,Marina,Vaun,Mike,Paul and the writing team. Thank you to them for being in the moment and re-living those scenes.

But there is one person who I haven't yet thanked..

..and that is the patient person who made all the origami cranes (clearly not Went - who is very patient but has yet to master Origami.. )

I would find if very funny if that person was Mark - miss out the middle man. He as Jacob is the one who threw them away after all, so make them,do a few scenes with them and then throw them .. was probably in his "Writer".!!

Seriously how many were in that drain ? Lots of paper,time and expertise went into those cranes - they may even have been a thousand of them.

Proud of the work you have all delivered on so many levels and in so many ways.

Thank you again.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Love to Pieces

While doing some Wentsearch today for a particular project,and in light of his coming birthday,I was reminded of a moment in time.

That was the time in 2009 when I visited Shakespeare - prior to visiting Chipping Norton.

I have sent Went many things linked to the Bard over the years and he admits that he has only a passing interest in the works whilst appreciating their significance in English and overall literary history.

Me too.

The "Shakespeare" has always been about the place Stratford Upon Avon - a nice place to visit with Olde Worlde Shops and obviously the home of Will,the Theatre and links to all the famous who have trodden such boards. Yes I have seen the fabulous Ralph Fiennes in Richard III and Joseph is a favorite .."in love.".

But when I was in Stratford, there I saw for the first time, a most obvious gift for Went.

En route to the Bards actual home you of course can go through the suitably nearby attached and decorated gift shop - full of everything William including his plays,quotes and love inspired works for Anne Hathaway

You buy any gift with a chip and pin rather than Silver Shilling. The appeal of the old and the new made me think that Went would like it.

Oh and the jigsaw.

I found a Wentworth Wooden Jigsaw that day. Who else was I going to buy it for?

Remembering that Went was sent jigsaws by his father in his Dinotopia down time* days,I thought that he would like a jigsaw ...with his name on ( *interview with Tyron Leitso a few years ago). 

Classed as having..." a precision laser cut ,a unique whimsy shape,being a British made classic and is a rewarding challenge".. sounded perfect. I bought the "W" size - obviously.

A poster also of the .."All the Worlds A Stage" was put in the gift basket.

Bought then - sent later - along with the second hand book bought from the Chipping Norton bookstore on 11.11. 09.

So The Wentworth Jigsaw is the link to William as it made me smile and I hoped he smiled too.

And of course it was sent with... "love to pieces.."

Below - Roses and the Kitchen Cupboard - both dear to "our" heart.
Love x

Collaborative Creativity

Last night in the UK we saw episode 8 -Progeny.

Fact:- Went has now acted in two episodes in two separate shows; for two separate media organisations both called Progeny - a  unique Crossover of the Coincidental Kind(?). 

Also Fact :- the last episode will be aired tonight in the US. 

The Most Factual of All : - This season is/has just been phenomenal. Building each week,with acting,writing, and delivery of both ,lifting the bar (sorry Dom) one more notch from the previous week. 
As the writers told us it would. 
As "we who have always had faith" knew it would. 
And it did. 
And it has.

I thank them all for bringing "this" to "us".. although "thanks" doesn't feel enough.


I am grateful for the virtual experience and the opportunity.

I thank Michael Scofield especially (and Leonard Snart) too. Those characters are responsible for pushing Went's acting creativity to a new place that we - as the audience- have seen unfold over the last few months/years

Not just Went either - so impressed with other Prison Break characters - the regulars and the new - Dominic.Sarah. Robert. Rockmond. Amaury.Augustus. Christian.Rick. Mark - who has moved on so far from "Ways and Means" - being so mean and so good at being the bad guy that we love/hate him more than we ever love/hated "Teddy".... 

The other  "Bad guys" Marina. Steve and the lovely Inbar. 

All of them. 
On set. 
In and out of camera shot. 

and of course...

Paul,Mike, Vaun (..I loved the Wilmott Airport link..).. the Exec Producers.. FOX.

Collaborative creativity at its finest.

Seriously guys - as we all await the final episode - you have delivered what you promised you would. A unique and compelling,thrilling and exciting Season 5 Prison Break. I hope you feel proud and satisfied of what you have brought to "life".

Grateful thanks xx
and Love

Image result for prison break season 5 wiki 

Monday, 29 May 2017


A great article about Sarah and the possibility of a Season 6. 


The Insta moment fascinates me.
For both good and bad - if not hysterically bad reasons.

Firstly it is usually where I "see"Went - "the contact". I love the "real" informal pics the best. Someone out shopping and they meet Went as they navigate the supermarket aisles. As always he takes a few minutes out of his day to "make someone else's". Spontaneous and kind - of Went and of the Insta poster who "shares" their experience. Many of those moments have also been shared here - I am reminded of Sushi,near a luggage shop,standing near the pies,buying trinkets (with THAT twinkle in his eye),in a flea market,walking his way around Vancouver (mostly), buying coffee(!!) and under an umbrella.. to name just a few.

I love Wentworth and I love him as Wentworth the most.

I also like seeing Went on #PB and other work business - the upfronts,set stills etc etc. Great to see,to know and reassuring too. It may be work but it is great to see him and often hear him on those occasions also.

I also like the "other" photos.
People I like to know about,events,art,news.,places...photographs that inspire,interest,arouse and floor me because of their beauty,creativity and power. I try to follow such accounts. And real. Real people I know. 

However I am equally amazed to see constant narcissism..,for want of a better description - blatantly posted daily - by the minute or hour.

An example - a photo still of Went (or Dom ...etc) comes "out" from FOX or other agency. A person posts it and credits ..themselves. The next person reposts it and uses a "tool" to remove the other persons signature and then claims it as their own. I have at any one time the same picture of Went repeated 6 times all with a different signature on it - and not one of them crediting "FOX" - or the agency. I have even seen photos with an agency name on it that is also removed... with a new name,usually artistically written in a beautiful font - with longwinded account names. It is so blatantly obviously not their photo to name.

Then you have the fan accounts - any fan for any person - who suddenly overnight get thousands more followers - infact some fan accounts have more than the actual "personality " accounts"!!

It seems -as in life - you can "buy" followers with one aim in mind. It makes the account holder "look good" - like they know what they are talking about. If they have 25k followers for only 6 pics they must be in "the know". Actually the personality themselves is more "in the know" than any "fan". And why would genuine fans - not feathering their own gratificatious nest want to "out do " their "hero" anyway.? Reminds me yet again of the fairy tale fable.. Emperors New Clothes.

The constant strive for competitive narcissism - accounts that are based on the number of followers alone - not the content per se . 

If the content is good - genuine in its being,open friendly,never needing to tell people how many followers they have.. just posting relevant,important photos that impact - then the followers will follow anyway.

Some of course get desperate and post spoiler after spoiler after spoiler where PB is concerned. One has even posted the full written #PB ending - obviously this person is in the "know" - somehow.They have claimed it - their name is emblazoned across the post in beautiful font - so it must be theirs.
If you accidentally come across the account - your eye catches obvious words. According to numbers then half the world has seen the ending... (I exaggerate but only slightly).

(btw - "they" may have filmed two endings.. that would have been fun)... 

Another trend that is "growing" is that Went's photo often again from FOX et al is being used to "sell" the instaposters idea of that moment. I think any insta user needs to inform the organisation when they see that.

When the comment "link in bio" comes from a genuine organisation,personality or other verified account - there is an assumption of "trust" there. I trust that the Insta world monitors and moderates the "bio links" and the accounts as much as they can.

Sidebar - (As Went would say..)The constant use of the word Bio also makes it sound like we are in a "bio" world - biographical,biodiversity etc etc..

Posting photos so that people can enjoy them,learn from them,be motivated and encouraged by them - especially in hard times - is very powerful. I think most people who use the "insta" moment just want to enjoy life,share it and give the appropriate credit or acknowledgment where possible to the origin of the source. 

Meanwhile be genuine -be the real thing. Don't make the world anymore shallow. Raise your integrity. Don't pretend or try to own everything but quite rightly stand up for when you do.

Dom once said of Went that he had the highest level of integrity that he had ever known or seen.

Went is a beautiful man and I like to look at him - but if he didn't have that integrity then I wouldn't want to "know him". Or anyone - irrespective of how they look. Intuition and gut would automatically decrease the level of feeling on every level. 

Finally if anyone ever needs to know the genuine photographer,writer,publisher of work.. ask that person - who claims to be the genuine poster - what made them take that scene,what inspired them,where were they moments before they took the shot,what mindset were they in when the words came into their head..what were they doing that they stopped doing in order to produce the "work" they have posted .... their beautiful written font over a FOX or other Set Still photo.

#Raisethestandards #betheinstachange #intellectualproperty

#love xxx

Wentworth Road Trip 2016 @facebook

Friday, 26 May 2017

Seeing Clearly

Picked up the new glasses today.

Made me think of all the "glasses" pics we have ever seen of Went.Not sunglasses - glasses.

First I think was Princeton. Back stage for the theatre production. Obviously Adam ..and then Adam.. and then Michael and then Went in Sweden .. and then the Loft.. and Went in August.  

We see them as he goes about the day .. and in Telford - he wore them all weekend.

What is it about Went in glasses? 

In my opinion just as sexy as ever ;love him in or out of them. I just want his eyes - the window to the soul - to be rested,smiling and seeing clearly...

Reading answers to his postbag this week (thank you xx) I liked this one.
Seeing clearly in reverse...Can a person of the opposite sex fall in love with a homosexual person..?

The same answer applies...


Thursday, 25 May 2017


As expected - because of the very high standard of the people involved within it - Prison Break is gathering in momentum,unveiled secrets,emotional scenes and not necessarily resolving the puzzle.

I mentioned previously that the meeting between Sarah and Michael was appropriate for the moment.

Deep tongue kissing would have been sensual and erotic - but not then. After all Michael doesn't really know if Sarah loves him,forgives him etc - at that moment all he knows is that his secret is "out",Sarah has needed to save his life, appears to be "his wife" in heart - still, and kept her promise to not call Mike Jnr - "Junior". 

Proud of them both - amazing work, Amazing writing.

All the moments captured now online of the episodes one week ahead or seen online is OK - as a long standing PB fan those "secrets" have never been kept - someone always want to be the first to get the "story out".

Irrespective the press also do that - and they are at last beginning to "understand" the concept of Prison Break - the subliminal processes put in place by the writers and actors in delivering this amazing story arc. Learning snippets of  "role" altering facts for some of the characters is just..clever,creative,mindblowing - and can open up further possibilities.

And who is Poseidon - really?? 

Went's story telling (because this is a Went blog) is just a joy to watch. Always has been. Whilst the tension and the trauma rise to the final episode,Went just keeps delivering - working hard for "us" and at the same time,I hope,gathering satisfaction and motivation from both his acting and the excellent production opportunity both he and Dom have had. Well done and thank you Sweetheart xx

Thrilled for all the #PB team too.*Applause*

Oh and the news about DVD release is linked above. We can sigh in relief.
Hopefully it comes with an Origami set inside.


For Manchester and Ariana

As the community of Manchester and the UK work hard to unite,support and investigate,thoughts also to Ariana who took her talent to a stage so that all could experience,feel,hear and see her music.
And they did. Young fans recovering from the trauma have one voice - the concert was fantastic and Ariana was awesome.

They told our Queen that today in unprecedented audio and visual access to the World.

Wishing all injured both physically and emotionally the recovery , and support in recovery that they need...including Manchester itself and Ariana

#withlove xxx.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017


Over the years I have been lucky to have attended a few "Commencements". Important family occasions ,Graduations as they are also known,are those milestones that formalize completion and the beginning of a new path on the journey from the one started years before.

I have also watched some of the Commencement speeches for 2017.

Oprah - yet another inspirational Commencement at Agnes Scott ; Will Farrell at USC.. who can sing.. ; Dame Helen Mirren who talks Tatts and Feminism without Procrastination at Tulane in NOLA. The always happy and humble Pharrell at NYU  - superb speech..;Sheryl Sandberg at Virginia Tech continuing to empower women as does Senator Elizabeth Warren at UMass who continues to inspire social change and political agenda's.

All interesting and amazing speeches in their own right. Farrell can sing as can Pharrell but of them all,Pharrells' was the most enlightening. 

I am used to him bringing us amazing music but here he also delivered an amazing speech. Another side to a hugely talented guy.

Only some of the speeches - and so many other great ones over previous years. Congratulations to all those who graduate in 2017.May they all continue to inspire us. 


Love xx


With Honors

Tuesday, 23 May 2017


I recorded this episode as usual at 10pm last night. During that time, tragic,sad events unfolded in the UK. Andy Burnham ,the Mayor of Manchester spoke eloquently today in condolence,praise and passion when he said ,amongst other things, we carry on the best way we can - living normally and in solidarity.

 I had intended to write comments on the meeting of MiSa today.

So as planned and with respect to all UK fans - especially those in Manchester.

I watched Wine Dark Sea as aired in the UK last night.
Having seen so many clips snd screen stills I thought I had seen the best of that episode.

But... I was very moved - by everyone's performance.

The meeting of Sarah and Michael especially was 
Beautiful Appropriate Tender ...and Practical. Very real emotions . 

Perfect writing and storytelling. Thankyou .

Prayers and Thoughts to all in #Manchester.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

The Anti-Hero

"What makes Snart such a wholly captivating villain is Wentworth Miller’s understanding of the show he’s on. He relishes the heightened nature of the character and world he’s a part of. He doesn’t merely say his lines, he devours them. Just listen to how Snart says his four rules, “Make the plan. Execute the plan. Expect the plan to go off the rails. Throw away the plan.” It’s glorious. He also understands that Barry didn’t just need him for his thievery skills. Barry wanted someone who wouldn’t stop him from crossing moral lines the way his friends normally do."



Great article from

Love xx

The Gloss and The Glow

So all the fans go home after the "touch base" with their particular "Hero".

Some go back to others,i.e other "Hero's" higher up on their "love" list. 

Some were there because it was a dream come true.

Others were there because the hero was just another name to tick off as having "met".

Others were there because it was their job ..

..and others were there in "spirit" because they couldn't be there - as they didn't have a ticket - for whatever reason.

Captain Cold wasn't there - "hero is not on my resume.."- he once said. 

So Went and Dom were there as heroes - both in their own right and in the roles of Michael and Lincoln.

The Hero's are finishing the weekend events or are all ready "flying". An exhausting schedule of turnaround,flights,talking and answering and photos. The smiles, always hoping to be the kind of smile that will forever be captured in time,on the glossy 10x8 that will,quite rightly,take pride of place if you are the "dream come true" fan ..

.. or in the folder prepared if you are the  "alwaysgotoaconventionfan".

Some lives will be changed forever from that moment - a warmth,a smile an incredible excited and emotional,deep feeling - forever brought back when the photo is looked at. The memory,that feeling of the second in time, is captured both in gloss and in glow.The feeling of happiness and gratefulness at the opportunity and standing next to the person who makes your world complete - at that moment or all moments..The moments,the photographs.the memories are so important.They can sustain and support.

Others will feel on a far less deeper level . The excitement will always pervade but the deeper feeling will dissipate because the next convention is coming and another "hero" will replace the "mood".

For those who couldn't be there - lives are forever changed too.  

I know of a young man who has tickets for a huge convention coming up soon. He has worked so hard to earn the money,save it and get someone also to accompany him. The last time I saw him we spoke of his excitement,how lucky he is to be able to go,the plans he has made to get there.
I understood all of that and hope that he just has the most fantastic time. 
As I am sure everyone did at Telford this weekend.

Whatever Convention Category Fan you come under, everyone attends in the "spirit" of the event and in the moment.Thanks again to those who shared their photos.

#Love and thanks as always to Went and Dom, with thanks also to the team from the Flash for coming to the UK, and to RogueEvents for inviting them.
Have a safe journey home xxx


Saturday, 20 May 2017


So grateful to see these photos and so many more from today. 
Thank you to those who shared.
Special love and thanks to Went and Dom.
LoveLoveLove xxx

Image may contain: 1 person, glasses and close-up

Image may contain: 1 person, sunglasses and glasses

Saturday Retrospectives

I have a funny memory of this song in retrospective. Sang with another at an obvious moment of fun.
Also..  Boxed in #PB Season 3..

and most importantly,remembering those who "live in a box." matter where it is.

The rhythm of life. The rhythm of music... playlists to a life..

For #Papi - who made/makes a Welcome return to Prison Break  - remembering all the good times xx #Amaury


Lost in Music...

All Bridges and Roads...



Friday, 19 May 2017

From Rupert to Reading to Yemen ....

For those who study such things my mind/brain has been to all these places so far today..

its 10.31 and I have been awake since early am. 

First things First..

Reluctance to get out of bed..
(Not the only person in the world who has to use a bathroom) #ARaisinintheSun 

..and then..
Check overnight news,Wentworth,Prison Break,CW..

So why..??
So sad..Chris Cornell - We know your name! 

James Bond


Monthly payment
Films:-..Educating Rita
Shirley Valentine

What was the name of THAT film..?

Ah yes..
Personal Services

Child Abuse Sex Crimes Rochdale -Three Girls


Did the BBC remember that .?

Twitter - looked up 

Rupert Everett..

By accident 

Found this..

and this - Three Sisters at Parkslope Brooklyn...

Listened to this.

Rupert - @wiki.

Links to :- 
Vicomte deValmont
Marquise de Merteuil

Reminds me of all the letters sent....  

Found this - Sarah and LOTR 

Meanwhile back to Rupert...
His fight for Sex Workers

his amazing vocal delivery..of Byron

Found this - at the same time...

Artists and Writers in (Reading) Prison .. now that seems very familiar to me..

Artists including a writer in Prison.. @FOX

Image result for prison break screen stills season 5

Very interesting and powerful. So pleased to have found this - thank you Rupert.

To Ben.(James Bond)...To Ralph Letter of Separation..

"De Profundis" - to Oscar Prison

Reading.. to Yemen ..
Image result for prison break screen stills season 5

and ..back to Rupert ...childhood,Red Carpets ..

and Stubble...

Image result for wentworth miller unshaven

and brainwaves..

Love xxx

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Cafe to Cafe

Blogging from a cafe - seemed appropriate - Cafe to a Cafe..

Great interview with Vaun at #AfterBuzzTv. I had no idea he also has spoken about other episodes - here is about episode 6 and touches on future story arcs for the last two episodes. Thanks to @miriam on #FB

I love their passion and excitement and especially nice to hear Vaun's thoughts on the genius of Wentworth (obviously).


Also latest from CW regarding Legends,Flash,Supergirl and Arrow Crossovers.


Wednesday, 17 May 2017


Contains ~Spoilers

Woke this morning to some mixed reviews from last nights Prison Break aired in the #US.

Mixed bag - Prison Break has always created this dichotomy . 

The most harsh is by Spoiler TV and is worth reading. Of course it does what it says it will do - that is "Spoil" so before I go any further I wish to remind all the non US visitors that this blog contains Spoilers - so wait until next week if you wish to read the post- episode comments.

So back to the one of the harshest reviews - infact so harsh I am slightly worried about the over arching story line - behind "their " scenes.I wrote about critics before and what a difficult job they have . That was around the time - May 2015 - when Went was a judge at the Poland Film Festival.
But this review is still worth reading - because all of us viewers are allowed to make up our own mind.

I haven't seen the episode yet.

A couple of points I immediately responded to - in my head whilst reading..
Firstly -Sarah and her coming to terms with Jacob..etc..
All I am going to say here is this. 

Put yourself in actual shoes when your gut and logic tell you one thing but your heart and logic say the opposite." Been there. In those moments you act however you need to until you come to terms with the "issue". That is what Sarah is doing.

Also the term "milking it" is mentioned.  Well I know many "milkers" - they are all around at every level. There are good and bad - full cream and skimmed - depends what they are milking.!. Many milkers skim and skate their way through life thinking people - the people they are milking - don't notice or don't know . Depends where and when the line is drawn.  

What I know - and feel in my gut - is that I trust the actors and writers.., particularly Went, Dom, Sarah, Amaury, Robert,Rockmond, Paul... I trust their integrity and have faith in the work that they do. I know that they believe in the work that they deliver.

I know - through them - that the subliminal emotions under the surface and behind the scenes plays a part in what they deliver. Each episode of #PB could be 2 hours long and the deep rooted fans know the background of relationships and emotions that cannot be explored to the fullest in the time attributed to each episode.. .

But harsh opinions - I prefer constructive criticism - should be taken on board,listened too and if and where necessary - addressed..

..but not milked 

On a very positive note - so lovely to see Sarah again thankyou. Beautiful words about Wentworth - "He is Immediate.We can improv.. and there is trust. He is a very good writer.Our scenes were intense and we gave each other big hugs.".. I love working with Wentworth..."



Tuesday, 16 May 2017

The Visual Impact of AIDS

Last week I saw an interview with a guy from Bristol university talking about the link above.

It was an incredible discussion when you consider and have lived through - the AIDS early impact and epidemic. Thank goodness for all the brilliant people who work tirelessly to give those in need, options that make lives better, more fulfilled and healthy.   

On Went's facebook there have been many important articles posted over the 3 years of his community page. One of those links was about Vito Russo - The Celluloid Activist and his posthumous film The Celluloid Closet.A powerful story.   

I was going to post the Bristol link here anyway - because it circles back to an earlier post of mine about a guy I knew for a brief time who is not only physically photographed with me, but remains photographed in my memory. He remains there because he was a kind,fun person respectful and great company. He thought he was full of vibrant life and vitality - for the time I met him he was. But within two short years he had died of AIDS. Sad and tragic. Many years ago too I also met a young woman who was infected..brave and adamant in her courage to defy the virus.

Recently I watched "Philadelphia" again with Tom,Denzel and Antonio.

Hadn't seen the film since Tom had won his Oscar.But the history,the impact and the lessons of it do not diminish.  

So...Yesterday visiting the David Hockney exhibition at the TateBritain (fantastic!!),I came across this art -below - as I toured the galleries.
A Visual Impact of AIDS.

The piece by Bronson,Partz and Zontal @ "General Idea" Collective 1988 based on Robert Indiana's design -LOVE.

Striking in its visual impact.. 

...and the ongoing message is still striking - despite the news from Bristol.. 
#safesex,#bloodtests,#nosharingofneedles #supportedsafedruguse ,#keepmindful,#protection, #health. #selfcare #HLGBT+ !!!

Thank you brilliant people and Bristol University for patiently researching and informing us all. 

#Lovelovelove (safely).. 


Monday, 15 May 2017

#NewSeason6- A open discussion with Dana & Gary

I would really like an opportunity to talk to Dana Walden  and Gary Newman CEO's at FOX. Please.To share my thoughts about #renewals.

The discussion would be about a Season 6 of Prison Break.. and why I would like to see more episodes.
I would be polite and totally respectful... 

..,but then the passion of debate would show. 

I have enjoyed discussions with CEO's before. Mutually professional, interesting and healthy but appropriately challenging conversations.. .and passionate too. But usually the topic has been focused differently.

 Therefore in appreciating their precious time in allowing me to talk and  in politely listening ,I would ask them to engage in some Prison Break interaction.

I would  them to put themselves in Michael and Sarah's shoes... whoever and however they wish to wear them.

In those shoes I would ask them to consider this story arc...

Here comes the  narrative....

'Wouldn't it be fascinating to see Michael coming to terms with Freedom; a son and a Wife.. in whatever relationship triangle is left from Season 5.?
What kind of day in the life would Michael lead in comparison to The Kind of Day in the Life that the majority of people lead ? By general definition .

How would #PB fans interact with a Michael (and others) who isn't in a Prison attire ? Who isn't confined ...??  Who takes his son to school... how would Michael realistically cope with his low latent inhibition in this new setting/life/story arc. ?
Might it become unmanageable.? Take on another aspect not previously seen? "

This and more I would ask and talk about in the grateful discussion and conversation with Dana Walden and Gary Newman at FOX.

Finally I would use the word 'love' - (...yes I know that the viewing figures are important., but so are matters of the heart..) 

More passion...,

" ...And  I want to see a different kind of love in the Prison Break Out Tool Belt. The Family The Brothers... season 5 has raised that bar.. the definition of what love actually means to Michael might be different to what we would expect.?..

And this is a Went blog... 

I have loved watching Went this season extend his capabilities and take us in 'deeper' ,within the role of Michael. In my opinion,there is more to be tapped - a side of him not yet fully explored - or perhaps just has to be revisited.  

So I apologise Dana and Gary for taking up your valuable time 

...but I'll never apologise for my loyalty and belief in Wentworth in whatever he is asked to or chooses to deliver.

Thankyou for 'listening' in hopeful
consideration for the future Season 6 Prison Break.

Respectfully Yours