Saturday, 29 April 2017

Tuna Fish Sandwich

I was thinking today Went on those early years in #LA.

The days of half a Tuna fish sandwich;changing the water bottles at the cooler;faxing,stacking and racking the office paper's;walking the boss's dog - and in some cases changing a diaper -  and picking up Sub-way... (not at the same time!!).

Mainly I was thinking working on a weekend in the office because the air conditioning unit was working ..there. And you needed to be "cool". 

That was also the film watch time - or rather ,the current production edited version that you had access to- perhaps with popcorn.

What films did you watch? Or TV - I think if memory serves me right it was more TV production?

Those were the days also of "hocking" your music to pay the bills. 

It made me also think of the Soundtrack to your life" early #LA - did you ever replace that music? What was it? How did you feel when you had to make that decision?

And the Tuna fish sandwich - half then the rest later? Lunch and dinner?

Question's for me to ask you ... or that I might have asked at Oxford. 

Heart and Soul.
Some fun soundtracks below to the "early #LA Years"


Walking the Dog Version 1

Version 2
Version 3
Version 4

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