Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Shouty Moments #PrisonBreak #Voices

I can all ready "see" and hear from the new (brilliant) Prison Break Season 5 that Went is having plenty of "shouty" moments. 

As the tension and action increase along with the tension and secrets,Went's octave level is rising each eppy. 

Having to "shout" in the Moroccan heat - for all of the actors - probably meant lots of water and quiet times to save the vocal chords. As Leonard, Went has spoken about how he tries to save his voice so that his vocal projection can create the impact required. Likewise,as Michael- who talks in the "Went voice",.. being velvet,quiet,measured,warm.. well everything was warm in Morrocco.. !!!

I digress..

Getting dust and angry on those vocal chords is leading to Went "expressing himself" very vocally in Yemen.

I recollect his first "shouty moment" - the one that really took me by (pleasant) surprise .Firstly - great acting - raising the octaves in conjunction with demeanor at the moment of delivery. 

With T bag in the car - .you remember. 

There are more but especially Michael and Don Self on the dock side season 4.Brown jacket.

..and last night.

Protecting the voice  - his voice - is as important as speaking it,raising it and expressing it - and I always like to hear it.

Love to all the actors speaking with their voice's- both in and out of character. 

Updates on last nights US episode 4 contains *Spoilers*

Oh and ..For Robert/Theodore

Voices @Madonna "Hard Candy"

Love love love
#Prison Break

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