Wednesday, 19 April 2017


So cool to read the tweet chat that went on last night across the US while Prison Break episode 5:3 aired. From East to West with cast and crew, viewers watched and shared their emotions - especially @augustusprew... being brilliantly dramatic about a scene with Wentworth.

Equally brilliant - if not more so - were the thoughts from the writers and Mike Horowitz especially about Went delivering such a powerful, emotional performance.. each time.

Went has always been consistent in his work ethic and continues to 'raise the bar' as I always knew he could and would and will.

Just reading those comments was enough .. seeing his performance in a instant clip had the natural - if not dramatic- instant emotional reaction.

Brilliant. So proud. Cried every tear.

Thankyou #Prisonbreak.
Thankyou Went- love you xx 


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