Saturday, 22 April 2017

It's Ok to put Heads Together

In each series of #PrisonBreak  - both off screen and on - there have been examples of "characters" "putting their heads together" - either in a literal sense or the conceptual one - in the process of devising a plan of action,a storyline, a resolution. 

Went has always talked about "collaboration" across his acting life . But he has also highlighted it often enough on his facebook pages and in his moments "off but-on-camera." 

Putting heads together or working in collaboration, is important and meaningful wherever it is planted. Doing so in the case of our own Mental Health, in order to express more fully,to be more open and transparent is still difficult for many. 

Whether in stages of grieving ,deep depression,anxiety or hidden trauma yet to be "re-lived",any cause and publicity that highlights the importance of speaking out,seeking help -and being honest enough to inform if that help has been helpful enough, - is a new way of thinking in this constant world of stress - both good and bad.

In recent days I have shed tears for lots of reasons.

Seeing Went as Michael, recording a video in one kind of Prison but having had recorded a video for those trapped in "another" #The Mighty.., 

..and hearing Prince Harry discussing openly and painfully to the world that he has kept the  trauma of losing his mother "deep and hidden" - ignored. Prince William and Lady Gaga chatting online about their mental health  - again publicly shared. And The Duchess of Cambridge joining in the conversation expressing her own anxieties of how she felt on being a new mother. #oktosay,#headstogther

Tomorrow in the UK, the London Marathon is running collaboratively and overall for Mental Health,highlighting for all the runners and participants taking part from across the Globe,that collaboration,talking and nurturing for our own Mental Health is a positive life changing experience.

(..and yes  "boys" - Mum would be SO proud #DianaPrincessofWales)

#oktosay #HeadsTogether #ActiveMinds #TheMighty #Mental Health

Have a brilliant Marathon Day #London
Love love love

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