Monday, 24 April 2017

Go To's..

Go To's are those places or spaces that any of us "Go To" to seek solace,comfort,calm,space,"popcorn" and distraction .. and a smile.

"Here" .

"Here" is Wentworth. A Go To. A constant but also a Go To. 

Prison Break 5 is a Go To every Monday in the UK (Tuesdays USA). The videos from all the PB press tour again a frequent "Go To" - especially the Origami clip.

I had meant to write then but reminded now that Went mentions this clip as a bonus episode...

YES. My thoughts exactly - a must for the DVD extras including a small Origami set tucked in the inside flap.After all, he made it rain once on the extra's with a rain machine - why not an Origami Crane Lesson ? .. you can use the pack's I have sent you before..!!! ;-)

Some fun and,light  - in a "Go To" moment. .

and especially at 3:36.. a powerful Go To. 

And more..... so many 

Great "Go To" moments - thank you .

Don't forget 'Go To ' Prison Break @ FOX Monday U.K./ Tuesday /USA.


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