Thursday, 13 April 2017

Disturbing News

I have read two press releases today that disturb me.

One seems to follow the other - and they talk viewing figures.

Despite the fact that the show is "top notch" and that delayed viewing is bumping up the figures all ready ,the show pulled in less than expected on Tuesday night.

These are the only two news links talking PB ratings for Tuesday, in the order that they arrived in my in box that alerts me to everything Prison Break and Wentworth related.. 

Prison Break is an international phenomenon.!!! But ..

..all of us must watch this show legally across the World,otherwise the viewing figures won't count. We know from previous PB seasons that sometimes viewing can take place other than via the networks or legal downloading.

Also my understanding is that recording on your Tivo then watching does count within a certain time frame - hopefully that can be confirmed somewhere on the web.

We waited patiently and now we have Prison Break back - we can do better in showing our love and support for all the Cast and Crew.

Please show it and watch it - legally.#makeitcount
Thank you
Love love love

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