Saturday, 29 April 2017

Tuna Fish Sandwich

I was thinking today Went on those early years in #LA.

The days of half a Tuna fish sandwich;changing the water bottles at the cooler;faxing,stacking and racking the office paper's;walking the boss's dog - and in some cases changing a diaper -  and picking up Sub-way... (not at the same time!!).

Mainly I was thinking working on a weekend in the office because the air conditioning unit was working ..there. And you needed to be "cool". 

That was also the film watch time - or rather ,the current production edited version that you had access to- perhaps with popcorn.

What films did you watch? Or TV - I think if memory serves me right it was more TV production?

Those were the days also of "hocking" your music to pay the bills. 

It made me also think of the Soundtrack to your life" early #LA - did you ever replace that music? What was it? How did you feel when you had to make that decision?

And the Tuna fish sandwich - half then the rest later? Lunch and dinner?

Question's for me to ask you ... or that I might have asked at Oxford. 

Heart and Soul.
Some fun soundtracks below to the "early #LA Years"


Walking the Dog Version 1

Version 2
Version 3
Version 4

Friday, 28 April 2017


Music reflecting some thoughts and feelings of people,times,places and work still to be accomplished expressed here on my  "Go To" place on a significant day in my life.
Love,hugs and thanks to those who read and understand.

I still adore that Went can't make an Origami Crane after 85 "somewat" episodes ...and 14 hour days ..
(Dominic never needed to - it was Michael who made them!!).
Thank you - perfect.
love you

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Shouty Moments #PrisonBreak #Voices

I can all ready "see" and hear from the new (brilliant) Prison Break Season 5 that Went is having plenty of "shouty" moments. 

As the tension and action increase along with the tension and secrets,Went's octave level is rising each eppy. 

Having to "shout" in the Moroccan heat - for all of the actors - probably meant lots of water and quiet times to save the vocal chords. As Leonard, Went has spoken about how he tries to save his voice so that his vocal projection can create the impact required. Likewise,as Michael- who talks in the "Went voice",.. being velvet,quiet,measured,warm.. well everything was warm in Morrocco.. !!!

I digress..

Getting dust and angry on those vocal chords is leading to Went "expressing himself" very vocally in Yemen.

I recollect his first "shouty moment" - the one that really took me by (pleasant) surprise .Firstly - great acting - raising the octaves in conjunction with demeanor at the moment of delivery. 

With T bag in the car - .you remember. 

There are more but especially Michael and Don Self on the dock side season 4.Brown jacket.

..and last night.

Protecting the voice  - his voice - is as important as speaking it,raising it and expressing it - and I always like to hear it.

Love to all the actors speaking with their voice's- both in and out of character. 

Updates on last nights US episode 4 contains *Spoilers*

Oh and ..For Robert/Theodore

Voices @Madonna "Hard Candy"

Love love love
#Prison Break

Monday, 24 April 2017

Go To's..

Go To's are those places or spaces that any of us "Go To" to seek solace,comfort,calm,space,"popcorn" and distraction .. and a smile.

"Here" .

"Here" is Wentworth. A Go To. A constant but also a Go To. 

Prison Break 5 is a Go To every Monday in the UK (Tuesdays USA). The videos from all the PB press tour again a frequent "Go To" - especially the Origami clip.

I had meant to write then but reminded now that Went mentions this clip as a bonus episode...

YES. My thoughts exactly - a must for the DVD extras including a small Origami set tucked in the inside flap.After all, he made it rain once on the extra's with a rain machine - why not an Origami Crane Lesson ? .. you can use the pack's I have sent you before..!!! ;-)

Some fun and,light  - in a "Go To" moment. .

and especially at 3:36.. a powerful Go To. 

And more..... so many 

Great "Go To" moments - thank you .

Don't forget 'Go To ' Prison Break @ FOX Monday U.K./ Tuesday /USA.


Saturday, 22 April 2017

It's Ok to put Heads Together

In each series of #PrisonBreak  - both off screen and on - there have been examples of "characters" "putting their heads together" - either in a literal sense or the conceptual one - in the process of devising a plan of action,a storyline, a resolution. 

Went has always talked about "collaboration" across his acting life . But he has also highlighted it often enough on his facebook pages and in his moments "off but-on-camera." 

Putting heads together or working in collaboration, is important and meaningful wherever it is planted. Doing so in the case of our own Mental Health, in order to express more fully,to be more open and transparent is still difficult for many. 

Whether in stages of grieving ,deep depression,anxiety or hidden trauma yet to be "re-lived",any cause and publicity that highlights the importance of speaking out,seeking help -and being honest enough to inform if that help has been helpful enough, - is a new way of thinking in this constant world of stress - both good and bad.

In recent days I have shed tears for lots of reasons.

Seeing Went as Michael, recording a video in one kind of Prison but having had recorded a video for those trapped in "another" #The Mighty.., 

..and hearing Prince Harry discussing openly and painfully to the world that he has kept the  trauma of losing his mother "deep and hidden" - ignored. Prince William and Lady Gaga chatting online about their mental health  - again publicly shared. And The Duchess of Cambridge joining in the conversation expressing her own anxieties of how she felt on being a new mother. #oktosay,#headstogther

Tomorrow in the UK, the London Marathon is running collaboratively and overall for Mental Health,highlighting for all the runners and participants taking part from across the Globe,that collaboration,talking and nurturing for our own Mental Health is a positive life changing experience.

(..and yes  "boys" - Mum would be SO proud #DianaPrincessofWales)

#oktosay #HeadsTogether #ActiveMinds #TheMighty #Mental Health

Have a brilliant Marathon Day #London
Love love love

Thursday, 20 April 2017


Keep streaming Keep Watching Keep tracking those numbers. We want a season 6 ... with a strong ,onward story to tell... 


For Wentworth 

For Dominic 



Wednesday, 19 April 2017


So cool to read the tweet chat that went on last night across the US while Prison Break episode 5:3 aired. From East to West with cast and crew, viewers watched and shared their emotions - especially @augustusprew... being brilliantly dramatic about a scene with Wentworth.

Equally brilliant - if not more so - were the thoughts from the writers and Mike Horowitz especially about Went delivering such a powerful, emotional performance.. each time.

Went has always been consistent in his work ethic and continues to 'raise the bar' as I always knew he could and would and will.

Just reading those comments was enough .. seeing his performance in a instant clip had the natural - if not dramatic- instant emotional reaction.

Brilliant. So proud. Cried every tear.

Thankyou #Prisonbreak.
Thankyou Went- love you xx 


The Young Folks

Great synopsis and review of last nights episode . #PrisonBreak #season5 #episode3 #spoilers
Thankyou Anthony.


Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Total Trust rare to find and I am more than glad that Went and Dom have it and share it they state here.

It makes for an even more integral viewing experience.

Another great interview from these two.

Over the course of a dozen years, actors Dominic Purcell (left) and Wentworth Miller have formed a strong partnership, in both the reel and real senses. The duo first worked together as siblings Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofield in Fox’s action drama Prison Break, which premiered in 2005 and had a four-season run. Cut to 2014, when Miller suggested that Purcell join him for a guest spot on The CW’s The Flash, a reunion that led to the duo working on Flash spinoff DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and now Fox’s nine-episode Prison Break revival. As the formerly-presumed-dead Michael is on the cusp of breaking out of a brutal Yemeni prison over the next few episodes (a clever switch-up of the original series’ premise)—and, as Purcell says, Lincoln “takes it upon himself to muscle up” and rescue him—we catch up with the actors to discuss their brotherly bond, finding projects together and why fans may not have seen the last of Michael and Lincoln.
What was your relationship like between the original series’ conclusion in 2009 and the reunion on The Flash?
Dominic Purcell: We kept in contact via email. Everyone knows we are very close, but it’s that closeness where you don’t have to see your brother every day. It’s that profound.
How was working on Prison Break again versus the other projects?
Wentworth Miller: It was like riding a bike, except you’re 10 years older. [Both laugh.]
Purcell: Ten years uglier!
Miller: I have a level of comfort with Dominic that is hard-earned. We have a shorthand. I get very quickly what he wants and he returns the favor. We can knock out a scene faster than any other two actors I can think of.
What do you think the other brings to the portrayal of your character?
Purcell: Total trust. Wentworth’s the only person on the planet, including directors, who can say to me, “Let’s try…” By no means is Wentworth invasive, but he offers suggestions, and I’m always listening and [willing to] try it. That’s a testament to the respect I have for him as a man and also as an artist. That’s never happened before.
Miller: Michael gets to be vulnerable around Lincoln. They get to laugh together. Sometimes I feel like I’m the big brother in my relationship with Dominic, sometimes I feel [the opposite]. I look at Dominic as a certain model of manhood that is worth examining. And honor, because he’s got the toughness down, but he’s also willing to be vulnerable. That’s something I think is so important, culturally, and also fascinating to watch.
'Prison Break': Sara Receives Proof Michael Is Alive (VIDEO)

'Prison Break': Sara Receives Proof Michael Is Alive (VIDEO)

Check out an exclusive preview of Tuesday's 'Prison Break' episode 'Kaniel Outis.'
A number of characters who apparently died throughout the original series have been revived. What would it now take for you to believe that someone is actually dead?
Purcell: A head blown off.
Miller: Not just in a box.
Purcell: You have to see the head exploding.
[Miller laughs.]
What is their relationship like now?
Purcell: As soon as Lincoln found out that Michael was alive, his life was reborn. I think the bond is deeper now.
The brothers do have two allies besides each other: Lincoln has Yemen-based political activist Sheba (Inbar Lavi), while Michael has fellow inmate Whip (Augustus Prew). What are their takes on the newbies?
Purcell: Lincoln’s reaction to Whip was one of caution: Linc doesn’t trust a whole lot of people—especially someone who’s become very close to Michael.
Miller: Michael’s just happy that Sheba exists. He wants his brother to be happy, whatever that looks like. I did like the Michael/Lincoln/Whip triangle, because Michael is a lone wolf, but he also needs community. It’s interesting and compelling to me that in the absence of his brother, he’s gone and created this fraternal relationship.
Sarah Wayne Callies On The Return of 'Prison Break': 'It Was Emotional'

Sarah Wayne Callies On The Return of 'Prison Break': 'It Was Emotional'

Sarah Wayne Callies revisits Dr. Sara Tancredi in Fox's long-awaited reboot of their fan-favorite 'Prison Break'.
Are you guys looking to work together out of the realm of the DC Universe and this series?
Miller: [Jokes] It’s in my contract.
Purcell: It’s a package deal.
Can we expect to see more Prison Break down the road?
[Both men stroke imaginary beards.]
Purcell: That’s all you get.
Miller: I wouldn’t say that the door is closed. I love these characters. I love Dom. If someone comes up with an amazing idea, I’m open to that.
Purcell: Likewise.

Prison Break, Tuesdays, 9/8c, Fox

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Some More #PB Videos

..with some amazing insight to the people and the characters.
Great interview's this Paley /Con Season.
Thank you all

Friday, 14 April 2017

Hawaii Break O

From Hawaii.. 5-O... to Prison Break.. Y'oh. The Moon and Back ..

and "Crossovers"...

Great interview .

I can picture ..
...."Action" :-  A tidal wave crashing down a wall in a Hawaiian jail Dom surfs out on a prison bunk. As yet,we haven't seen Went surf (!!) so he would be swimming his way out .. (Swim Team Princeton Swim Team Buffy.. at least)...

And I would love to watch the action from a balcony in the Four Seasons - in my "wrap".
:-) lol.

Love love love
Thanks to Wentworth News.

Not yet uploaded to YouTube

Another full interview from #Wondercon

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Disturbing News

I have read two press releases today that disturb me.

One seems to follow the other - and they talk viewing figures.

Despite the fact that the show is "top notch" and that delayed viewing is bumping up the figures all ready ,the show pulled in less than expected on Tuesday night.

These are the only two news links talking PB ratings for Tuesday, in the order that they arrived in my in box that alerts me to everything Prison Break and Wentworth related.. 

Prison Break is an international phenomenon.!!! But ..

..all of us must watch this show legally across the World,otherwise the viewing figures won't count. We know from previous PB seasons that sometimes viewing can take place other than via the networks or legal downloading.

Also my understanding is that recording on your Tivo then watching does count within a certain time frame - hopefully that can be confirmed somewhere on the web.

We waited patiently and now we have Prison Break back - we can do better in showing our love and support for all the Cast and Crew.

Please show it and watch it - legally.#makeitcount
Thank you
Love love love

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

#Links #Kaniel

Articles,reviews as linked below including #Legends .
#PB5 #LegendsofTomorrow #WentworthMiller #DominicPurcell #SarahWayneCallies #RockmondDunbar #PrisonBreak5

#Ogygia #PB5

#Ogygia - All of this - lots more ..
.... Michael talking Arabic.


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Sept 12th 2016 #Canada #LakeLouise

The world's greatest storyteller