Wednesday, 18 October 2017

A Little Chilly...

Dear Went
Please can you wear this new little number when you next visit...?

Meanwhile ..back to the blog

Delighted to see the photos of the new Went Wardrobe for his character of Captain Cold (well - we assume that is what its for.. LOL!!). 

Obviously a little chilly in Van. 

I have counted all the zip pockets too ..and I am sure more inside - for those extra on set "crunches". 

And the glasses ...clearly not in his usual style but with a fantastic "villainous" look to them, with a probable "tilt shift" view from Went's perspective.


I suggest strongly that he avoids eating and drinking as much as possible while the hood is up ..that fur looks like a nightmare to wash (knowing that the wardrobe team will want to keep that outfit in tip top condition)...and bits can float off at any given moment. 

Thank you Instagrammers for posting and credit to #Canadagraphs #CW - for these glorious photos taken yesterday.. 

and Went ...obviously..
Love xx

*I am certain that no furry creatures were hurt in the making of this wardrobe. 

Monday, 16 October 2017


For some reason I am drawn to revisit this interview with Went (aka Worthington) from 2007. Listening and watching I am reminded of so many things and in retrospect it is incredible to see how much has moved forward,has changed and... has stayed the same.

The shirt colour reminds me of his favourite Mint Choc Chip ice-cream and his hand gesticulations are still very much a part of his communicative and creative process. Went worrying about papers in front of the interviewer raises a wry smile (or is it a smirk) because Went was and still is an academia-administrator in his "work and spare time" - papers are a major part of his life - be it a script or contracts both now and from his early LA years. What was different here was that Went was not in control of those papers,recognized and deftly described by the interviewer as something that Went could "dance through"  -visions of Went's Morocco Moves ...

The idea of having a picnic in such an unusual place might find its way on screen at some point and the talk about the driving too and fro Chicago raises more than a smile. Hearing too about his vision for the Sarah Michael story arc again is fascinating,knowing what we know now from season 5. Moving forward hopefully to a series 6, the complex dynamics of Sarah and Michael living together is more realistic now than keeping them apart.  Identifying with characters and investing in them was mentioned by Went in different contexts across different interviews,but changing with the times - as Went and Prison Break have - helps create those nuances,push pulls and authentic feasibility to hold an audience. 

Went's style in this interview is relaxed,informative and engaging. He still interviews /discusses that way with always interesting rhetoric and opinions - where he is able to express them.

Hearing yet again that he was called Worthington, in the moment of a young fan's flustered excitement when meeting Went in a Mall ,is priceless and so much more original than "Michael".

A thoughtful interview, now 10 years old but still fresh,enlightning and beautiful to watch.

Thank you Went.
@Amber7 @youtube

Sunday, 15 October 2017

A Humble Gent

In this current state of having to assess any news or information to ensure that it is not fake,it is again both refreshing and heart warming to see Dominic's post recently.

Knowing that Went is back in the #Legends fold,alongside such a good friend as Dominic brings me a certain level of stability and reassurance.

I like this description of Went a "humble gent who walks quietly with a big stick" .

I can "see that" of him and know that the words are very apt. Sarah Wayne Callies described Went once as "ego-less" - the most "ego-less person that she had ever worked with".

So thank you Dom for speaking again so eloquently about Wentworth - who is lucky to have you as a friend - and you ..him.

It is great to know that we have Season 3 almost upon us too and I look forward to seeing you both on screen as soon as possible.

Lovelovelove xxx


....A good many of you are probably acquainted with the old proverb, “Speak softly and carry a big stick – you will go far.” If a man continually blusters, if he lacks civility, a big stick will not save him from trouble, and neither will speaking softly avail, if back of the softness there does not lie strength, power. In private life there are few beings more obnoxious than the man who is always loudly boasting, and if the boaster is not prepared to back up his words, his position becomes absolutely contemptible. So it is with the nation. It is both foolish and undignified to indulge in undue self-glorification, and, above all, in loose-tongued denunciation of other peoples. Whenever on any point we come in contact with a foreign power, I hope that we shall always strive to speak courteously and respectfully of that foreign power.

Thursday, 12 October 2017


Responsible for one of the best Wentworth photographs ever.. I learn that the lovely Victor Garber will be returning back to the "Boards" on Broadway. 

We and The Legends will miss him, but in saying "Hello" to Dolly, Victor doesn't necessarily have to say a long "goodbye" to the #Legends. After all time travel is a marvellous thing,as documented above. Look on it as Victor just spending some time in another Country,City and time zone while leaving some of his amazing legacy both on set and off,in Vancouver... and The Legends could always visit Broadway,take in a show as the Waverider undergoes a repair ..that kind of storyboard..

Congratulations Victor... you will be amazing.

*As blogged on here I still imagine how this photo might have come about.
The incorrigible Wentworth - as Victor described him - interrupting Victor's calm and contemplation walking around backstage at the Comic Con 2015.

I can imagine that so well - after all Went "wanders".. he has been spotted and videoed at the "craft" table backset of #PB1; filmed delivering sandwiches from the kitchens (studio kitchens..obviously) in Sona #PB3,;I imagined him wandering around the shops before,after,during and when filming the #Flash on the top level of a Mall carpark (who's idea was that? lol),; we know that he popped out to buy cupcakes on set in#PB4... and of course there was the stealth like approach when he popped up behind Wade Williams during an interview, Went's face to camera but with Wade #PB1.

Went has always liked behind the scenes - he always seems to have a lot of fun there. ;)

Bu this is about Victor -so Thank you Victor for your work on Legends,so much more..

.. and for this "hotncheeky" photo.

Big hugs n love

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Today in #2016

Remember Went's #Attitude in October 2016?
Still powerfully strong - even in his "quiet".

Related image

Image result for wentworth miller attitude magazine
Related image
Image result for wentworth miller attitude magazine
Image result for wentworth miller attitude magazine
Image result for wentworth miller attitude magazine
Image result for wentworth miller attitude magazine
Image result for wentworth miller attitude magazine

Image result for wentworth miller attitude magazine

Monday, 9 October 2017


A year ago today I took this photo It was approximately 4.05pm..

It shows Went at Oxford.

The photo capture shows Went head bowed,in thought ,looking ready to walk through a door that looks to be ajar.

Went was behind me.He was waiting in the "vestibule" entrance. I was in the hall full of students. The welcoming conversations were beginning,Went was with a student who would open the door for him.

The light of the hall shone onto the white "column" making it look like light to an  entrance.

Not in actual context.

Infact we see Went here at 180 degrees through his 360 degree quick prep moment ready to walk into the room as Wentworth Miller . 


In character.

The brown door in front of him,next to the illuminated "column" ,is the door that he had entered the building through.

The door to the hall - that he would walk through was, at that degree of movement,to his right.

He would complete the 360,end up facing the correct entrance - which was then opened to applause.

Today is an anniversary of a significant moment in my life for which I am forever grateful....

And if Went was at Oxford with those students and me today,I would ask him a different question...

Thank you Went.
Love xx

Friday, 6 October 2017


Clean.Simply-if not under-Stated. Elegant. Cool.

Like him.

The revitalised Went Instagram page shows us polished steel,warm earthy curves,points of reference,passionate words in prose and song,an elegant sketching and more than a hint of monochrome.

The quote from Jesse firmly plants the notion that the pictures being posted here are "liked" for what they are - a pictorial patchwork quilt - just because. 

But we all look at art in different ways and these posts so far,share a simple or a deeper vision - depending on the eyes (and time) of the beholder.

Enjoyable and refreshing for us all but especially I hope, for Went too. 
Thank you Wentworth.

Image may contain: 1 person

Wednesday, 4 October 2017


For all of "us" impacted by "hurricanes"... way or another

#Las Vegas

Wishing you Strength,Support and Solidarity


Sunday, 1 October 2017

Pounding the Pavements of Princeton

The Walking Princeton tour wasn't kidding.
We walked.

A group of us - some parents of current Princetonians - walked together around the "chocolate box" prettiness of Princeton Campus accompanied by the background hums of crickets,distant voices of young people moving around the buildings and a game of basketball being played in the gym. It was hot,humid with a blue sky ..and lots of orange.

We had started off in Nassau Road,in the Gift Shop right next to a Labyrinth of Books. Both of which could bring quality browsing time. Princeton items were purchased.We left there and walked through the Princeton University gates.

Nassau Hall met us.  Regal and imposing it stands proudly with the Princeton Green Lions resting at its feet.The same green as Liberty in New York. I have been lucky enough to visit Nassau in the Bahamas and am aware of Dutch Antilles Nassau family roots so the Nassau Triangle was complete. 

Our tour guide was superb in his knowledge and the delivery of it. He also told us that he walked fast.He did.

Meeting the Firestone Library first was where I might have stayed if we had been allowed in. Learning of all the precious literary materials held within,imaging the coolness of the quietness while as out in the open air was all ready steaming hot. Nevertheless picturing Wentworth in the Library added another element.

Going into the Chapel was a welcome but brief relief. Beautiful - and would be full the next day with Students and Chancellors

Walking in the gravel steps of Einstein - known to not wear socks on his feet - just shoes  - was interesting and painful. I could imagine the blisters - initially. After years of pounding the pavements and walkways too , from his residences to the library and his lecture rooms,those feet became tough, I am sure. 

Hopefully Went wore socks some of the time at least in the Winter - plenty in the gift shop - stripey,orange,black,with or without the logo...

I looked around all the time and took as much in as possible as well as the fabulous information we were being given.Princeton felt nice. Nature and Gothic architecture met easily - including the new builds as described by Went in the Princeton Extreme Visions video. 

I took photos and photos and the atmosphere and feel of Princeton for me that day,is held within those images of moments in time. 

We touched on Reese and family Witherspoon,F Scott Fitzgerald,recent politicians,JFK, Russell Crowe in "Beautiful Minds" and walked those steps under Blair Arch learning about John Nash, his incredible legacy and how he walked those steps every day.On one grass area I pictured the chess scene from the film especially.

All around, Princeton buggies transported people and boxes around;University staff were at hand to direct visitors round the campus but it was within a quiet calm.Went may not have seen and felt Princeton exactly the way I did - I was just visiting for a day - but some of our experience would have been similar due to the fact of it being a place steeped in a century or so of history that still shares its stories daily.

I was conscious of the exterior facade all the time. The Ivy - at that moment green,the depth,the art,the stonework,the hidden,the modern and the classic  - extreme visions. The inside and the outside.

Princeton, remains a traditional and historic Ivy League Educational Center of Excellence with its founding principals and it has moved with the times in so many ways,like so many other Universities.

I am certain that the Princeton of today is not the same as the Princeton of 1995 but it was so nice to walk in alumni footsteps around the campus.

Thanks to Princeton Tours and the pretty "village" of Princeton and to Wentworth ..for "taking me there"..

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Skin Deep

I will add in a few more details of Princeton and those tiger paws soon but other pores (!) are worth mentioning now.

On this blog I have mentioned at various times over the years of "skin deep";Kindle and other electronic "picture skins covers";and Went's Spa trips when known and publicly noted,for example.

I have also mentioned the deeper meaning of skin pore beauty - in the proverbial sense and literal -every time Went appears - for real,in Pixel or jpeg.

One of my "to do's" on this trip was to treat myself to a spa treatment - while in the middle of a vast ocean of mostly blue sea. 

A deep cleanse,bio technical,renew,refresh,revitalize and soothe. After each treatment ,the same face but with an even more grateful skin.

The experience of lying in a spa room,with soft lights,relaxing music and gentle but professional hands is even more an experience when you are "waved" about - if not rocked gently at the same time. 

So as we sail creatively back to the UK,I am reflecting on a wonderful time and thanking people accordingly. 

Spa Treatments are a serious art - another form of entertainment - that touch your psyche not just your skin.Many thanks therefore to the "Facial Therapist" - who weaved her invigorating, fingertip magic.

Magically ..(..getting internet is magic when you are "at sea"!!) I learn that Went,in his character skin of Captain Cold ,has been seen on a piece of #DC Crossover Art advertising "meeting up with" Supergirl in "Crisis on Earth X".

Hopefully - and soon.

Love xx

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Visiting Princeton -pt 1

Travelling still, I have now walked in leafy Brooklyn,experienced the heights of Manhatten,seen and felt the impact of Liberty in the corridors of Ellis and walked in the sockless shoes of Albert Einstein.

Finding the way from Brooklyn to New Jersey was done with helpful and creative advice.A practice run the day before the scheduled Princeton visit was required. And so grateful for it. A hot,sultry New York subway on the F line to Penn,Amtrak to Princeton junction,Dinky to Princeton Campus sounded straightforward. 

Then and before I thought of Went's art gallery pictured when living in Larchmont - the names of the Stations he used or passed on his way to "school". It may have been Midwood of course but in planning the trip I wanted to ask him.

Why did I want to visit Princeton? Because Went studied there and went through difficult and then more enjoyable times during one of his first transitions into the person he is now.

I also figured that despite his words of reflection during his poignant and powerful talk for Active Minds,that Went had fond memories overall of his positive years there - the Tones that were set during that time that then enabled him to graduate. As Went had also narrated for the short film about the architectural changes in the Princeton grounds,I felt that I should go and visit when I could. Went seemed "comfortable" with his more positive memories so that made me feel comfortable in visiting there.To "feel" where he had spent so much time and thought.

On Princeton preparation day,one of the most helpful people in the huge Penn station was a welcome lovely surprise. From subway to Amtrak we walked through a maze - and at times a sultry haze - checking the "oh so many" signs. Needing some water the local pharmacy on the station concourse was a welcome sight. Served by a person who at the moment of "sale" seemed disinterested in a vague kind of way,talking to a colleague while scanning the bar code,we discussed where we would go next .

Suddenly they asked where we wanted to go. Explaining, the sales assistant then gave us the answer - right then,clearer than any of the tikka tape signs overhead.Grateful for their help and for their skill at multi tasking,the clear instruction was the direct route to the NJ Amtrak ticket office.
For Princeton Day the route was prepared.

Back en route to Penn station,on Princeton day I felt honored - two Native NewYorkers (Well a Brooklyner and a New Yorker) asked us if they were on the right train. That meant to me that "we blended in" - especially when we were able to answer. It seems that all large cities undergo rail line work at weekends and trains are - re routed - from F to c or A - or was it D?? Discussion and fun in the sub way carriages prior to Penn with all of us not "really sure".I thought about a radio interview Went gave where he discussed his route to "school"- quickly,fluently,effortlessly,clearly - similarly to the way he described his Pizza toppings. 

I thought of Went the whole time - did he travel this route every now and again? his feelings as he arrived at Princeton - in a different way - but still arriving and walking into the campus through the large simply ornate,gates.?

The first arrival point however was new. But Went would have used it - often - I am certain.

A brand new "helpful and full of useful things" type of facility where students were buying freshly prepared hot food,drinks,etc etc - emergency supplies to last until they went into Princeton Village..(could have spent a day there).
I noticed the familiar Peanut Butter cups and the M's - copious amounts. Made me smile especially when I saw the familiar yellow sleeved ice cream bar and a "Cookie milk shake - I had them.At that moment I was a student at Princeton University.

The day we visited was student arrival day. Helpful signs all around,students with large moving in boxes,crates...stuff.. all "stuffed" in to clear plastic boxes so that you could see easily the random packing styles of different students. Especially that there was no packing style at all some cases... 

But I was there to learn about and see the history and the beauty of the Princeton buildings,the leafy areas of grass where students were quietly reading,the benches placed throughout the Campus,the Princeton Golf buggies transporting people around,the sound of crickets..

.. and the Orange,...the Black ....and the Tiger.

More of that next blog. 

Photos @janecarroll4 - instagram.  


Thursday, 7 September 2017

Shipping the Buffet

Having been on board now for 10 days or so I am still finding fascinating aspects of ship life - while at Sea,or at Port - but always at the buffet!!

Firstly,I cannot praise all the crew highly enough for their professionalism and attention to every detail - or whim - of its "guests".

Helpful,courteous,supportive,kind and friendly is the overall "face" I see every day on every level of the decks - including the buffet.

but I have to write about the buffet. From day one of entering it I was amazed.

The food is fantastic - breakfast,snack,lunch,afternoon tea,dinner,nibbles ..repeat..

What ever time you "touch the buffet - with essential anti-bacterilaised hands - the same event happens. It can be full or quiet - the same thing happens.

Except actually for dinner. Mostly eating elsewhere on ship at night ,it is only recently that I noted the phenomena of the evening dinner buffet. Back to that later.

I am fascinated at the people "traffic" flow through the buffet. People milling in the hot section. In the cold section - with heaving trays,moving across or straight ahead - missing other fellow travelers with a napkin width - in some cases.

I once watched a documentary about the experts who study the flow of people in urban spaces.... how the "technology" is put to use for example in Airports,supermarkets etc. 

It is about the flow and the ebb of ship dining, in this case.

But - human nature, being what it is, confounds the flow.

An example - you queue for a moment to get access to your hot meal,have it on your plate then decide that you will head off diagonally for the cold salad.The thought then enters your head subliminally as you pass the beautiful triangle's of cheese en route to the salad bar - that actually you want cheese too - so you divert back and around. The cheese section,constantly re filled - is next to or near the cold dessert section - full of choices you place your tray and ponder - looking left and right and then deciding on the trifle ( or maybe the passion fruit cheesecake?). Thinking that you might then turn and head straight for the tables where to eat, you remember that you want a drink. Self serve alcohol is available along with the usual water,juice,hot drinks - but all in another area of the buffet. As you "chicane" your way,the trays,sometimes meet in the middle. Stopping in a napkins breathe with a "whoops" sorry, you both go on your way in a different chicane.

Meanwhile another tray another day you pass the hot plate =croissants and pancakes,hot puddings with a large vat of custard... hot scones also feature there.Perhaps you turn your tray around - or just go back for stage 2 of the dining experience.?

Trays leading the way,I am constantly amazed at the skill of the cruise passenger - many of who might not drive any other vehicle except the food tray,who negotiate the food experience expertly- for some 4/5 times a day.

However, for the evening meal the buffet restaurant team had a plan.

For those in the know it would have been a jolt of memory. For those new to cruising a shock. 

In the evening they barricade a section of the buffet with a "ribbon".

With all restaurants open at night it is obvious as to why but when you are used to your Tray leading you around in a complex weaving pattern for most of the ship day,when a barrier is placed within ,there have been puzzled faces. - primarily how to get to the cheese section? 

I am certain there have been fleeting moments of .." can i climb over it? can I get under it? " . I once saw an agile crew member,who I later knew to be in the entertainment team get under the "ribbon" - I figured just limbering up for the show in the theater later. 

But no - most of us just walk around in a different kind of circle,some looking a bit dazed at the perceived complication of it . Trays are more cautious at night because of the ribbon barrier. Time is taken. Other buffet times "we" are a frenzied bunch worried that food once eaten is not replaced - that "we" might go hungry.Trays permanently on guard. Sturdy and strong in hopeful steady hands.
On many levels it raises interesting reflections of the World we live in but this is just a light-hearted observational fact from my perspective.

On a heavy seas crossing day - when waves are swelling with pride reminding us that the sea is a magnificent majestic beast,if you are able to eat at the buffet - that too is fascinating. Weaving your way,staggering to the beat of the waves before you even pick up a tray is the epitome of sea worthiness. Skillfully walking with a loaded tray, whilst trying to walk in a straight line and not bump into a fellow cruiser or the cheese section has my respect. Actually wanting to eat in rough seas has my total respect. Make way for the loaded tray in heavy seas - they earn the right for a clear thoroughfare to the table of their choice.    

Remembering that Went sailed across the Atlantic with the Tiger Tones back in the day,I wonder too if he experienced any of the above. in some ways in talking to fellow guests,cruising hasn't changed very much in culture - but has in style and technology.

So my reflections and observations are just that- and talking too from actual experience.The food is amazing and no doubt the Restaurant manager and his teams have seen it all before.

I thank them all again. 

The people flow at the buffet is fascinating to me and is the heart of this sea.

Thinking of and wishing for safe travel for all those at Sea - including safe negotiation of all ship buffet's!!.

Love xx

A Great Service

At last the full opportunity to blog. Internet access at Sea while on a ship, is a bit of a mystery. with the ship currently announcing how foggy it is outside every 3 minutes or so ,the internet fog has cleared - along with the help of the Cyber Librarian (brilliant title!!).

So as I write,I am - along with many others - sailing off the coast of Maine USA. With other sea-farer's re-organizing plans due to the impact of the weather,we also have had to re -organise. An extra day at sea plus the "full" internet package gets me "back to blog".

Despite not being on CafeWent - he is never far from my mind - especially now as we are heading to New York,Brooklyn.But,as we slowly and safely meander our way,I also have noted Went's facebook post.

This post tells us that - as he describes - the page has served its purpose. Went has been able to voice opinions,thoughts,reflections and news via this platform. It has been an honor to read it always in the belief of the integrity of it. Went has always liked fresh and new,"change up",shifting gear whilst still "anchored" - excuse the pun - to his over all belief system. I continue to believe in him and therefore respect his decision totally. 

The most important thing as Went has written, is that it has helped him - perhaps find his way/change his path a little more(?) ..(right now the SatNav is doing its superb job finding our way, along with important highly trained and skillful professionals - and a loud fog horn -getting us safely through the cloud.). It has helped many who have read it. And I/we will miss the page.

Went's facebook Community Page has done and given a great service.

..and I state the obvious when I add that I miss him and hope that we see and hear him still,when he is ready for us to see and hear - as Dom also quoted.

Meanwhile I am observing and living life "on deck". Fascinating!!

I have been lucky to visit Canada again - and yesterday Boston US - for the first time.

But more of that in the next blog.

Meanwhile - while at Sea..

I have posted a comment on his page in thanks and support ...and always love.
Thank you Went

Saturday, 26 August 2017


just some #Attitude...

Friday, 25 August 2017

#Legend #CW #DC #Updates

Some #legends #DC #CW updates including a new #CW #Promo before I cross over to #instablogging as able, as I travel. 

Looking forward to the new #CW and especially the #Flash and #Legends,seasons.

..and Went most of all.

Love as Always 


Taken around the time of Comic Con Prison Break Panel and interviews in 2016. 

Went in Michael - A Stunning Portrait

Tuesday, 22 August 2017


Watching Season 2 of Prison Break as I write this .

As I watch again - possibly the 4th time - I find myself liking Theodore more this time around ..


...because... I know that he is integral to rescuing Michael in Season 5.!!

Is that bad?

As we speak Michael is in handcuffs - what else is new? 

The theme will carry on - infact an mini spin off docu/drama/series called Handcuff Break could be interesting with a statistical (analytical in chalk) analysis of how much time Went spent in handcuffs across 1-5 ..(and he only ever mentioned the Tatt's.. a lot)!! :) xx

BTW - Alex Mahone has just proudly arrested Mike and Dom - little does he know.!!

Image result for prison break season 2

And I am reminded - earlier episode - of the need to do some ironing. Still a great shot Sarah - sorry Paul.

Thank you online streaming platform - enjoying as always the superb #PB re-run,seeing Went and the team while multi-tasking.


Monday, 21 August 2017


A historic day for #Eclipse seekers and watchers. 

I posted a photo of Went on Instagram today using the "Moon" filter as I thought it appropriate for the day. I really hope that he manages to feel it and experience it along with millions of others. As he has posted photos from Oregon before,I am hoping that he is there - the clearest place apparently and not too far from Vancouver.

The last total eclipse in the UK in 1999 I remember very well.A family member had an interview that day and I remember thinking that the company wasn't mindful of History - even if it was only minutes long.

Prior to totality,I had washing on the line - then as the moon took hold,it seemed silly standing out in the dark checking if it was dry. The birds all sat watching me on the TV Ariel's with no song but over the back gardens, children still carried on as normal. One of the gardens had a paddling pool - that was "splashing" prior to and during the moon chill.I remember thinking that the children were too young to understand and hopefully would get another opportunity.

In lasting only minutes,the Total Eclipse is a lasting memory. 

Enjoy the moment USA. I will be watching you watching #Eclipse17 .


Image from NASA

Saturday, 19 August 2017


For those in the know - I am suffering from Went Drought. If you have been reading this blog since 2009 ,you know I have mentioned this before. In my speak and interpretation, a Went Drought is not seeing him and hearing no news or very little - for a reasonable period of time. There have been some very notable ones over the years - we now know why as shared on his Facebook Page and discussed in his HRC speech.So when news- and instapaps - are in short (no) supply,I am in my saddest form of any or alter ego.  

The last photo was early June,just after Paris,which seems an eternity ago. The time span is a constant void even though life and other loving,supportive energies carries on around. Understanding that Went's time,space,revitalisiation of energy,work planning,family visiting,reading,writing - just resting emotionally,physically and mentally - is paramount to Went's overall time in his well being... I get that. I know that, as far as I think I can know , and I understand it. 

But..I'm shouting out loud and proud in the silence to say that I love and am missing him.

and I think what I am really saying is ..
that I'd like an email or a text or photo just to let me know how he is. 
Thank you.


Following on from an equation theme as demonstrated by Went a few days ago,I watched the film Hidden Figures yesterday.

The most amazing story of three women in NASA who helped instigate an important part of the change in history for both Equality and for Women's rights in segregated America - not forgetting NASA itself. Uncovered geniuses that the World didn't necessarily know about, let alone in understanding the impact they have had for Space Travel. 

Inspired even before watching and in preparing my holiday reading - and listening - I picked up a light book for adults about Quantum Mechanics to take with me. I might take it with me to Princeton - and ask someone to explain it to me.. :).. part of the challenge of Freshers Week..?.. :). 

We are all life long learners...and we learn daily.

Thinking of Went obviously,also"Leonard", who is going to be learning something new next season and "engineering Michael Scofield".
Hoping to see all of them very soon.


Wednesday, 16 August 2017

A #Distraction

Many ,many people over many ,many years have always thought that Went is a constant distraction in my life.

A constant - yes. A distraction - no.

For example the video above - his birthday dance. On the list of favourite all time videos this one is pretty high.But look at this video with new eyes and what do you see?

I notice the lighting,the rich tapestry of Moroccan fabric overhead.I see - and hear - a handful of tambourines being expertly and rhythmically "rattled". Drums accompany them along with the watchful eye of the mobile phone cameras.!!

Notice too the lovely flooring and costumes ,lots of hats and a cultural reference to a corporation and a country. Meanwhile the birthday cake is being eaten . To see that however you have to look at the two men dancing right in the middle of the floor - one of them distracting me (just a little) from the complete overview.

One of his most moving Videos ever! 

Simply a fact - not  a distraction.... ;)

Thank you 

Chalk Boards

Inspired by Went's chalk and chemistry board photo , I found this.

For all teachers everywhere who still use and try to use chalk quietly .Enjoy your summer break.


#teachers #educators #chalkboards 
Love xx 


Went,aka Michael, has beautifully re-emerged into our Social Media streams post #PB5.

Lovely photographs taken from an interview not yet fully published (?),of Went/Michael in a classroom with a backdrop of Engineering Mathematical Equations. 

Took me straight back to Panama .. and a University... a film or a few that feature similar backdrops with Professorial Type Characters /Actors (Russell,Robin,Noah,Dominic,Matt,Ed.. Octavia and her team... etc etc.)

So many films and visual memories of such a setting..on screen and in my mind.

.. likewise there are so many "named" versions of these photos that unfortunately,I cannot name the actual source. 

But no doubt that will also emerge more clearly. 

Thanks however to Went,#FOX and, in this case, fas_went from Instagram.

Delighted to see these.

Love xx


Saturday, 12 August 2017

Alive in Art

Went's facebook page has had a profile picture update. The amazing art work of Grant Barnhart. Originally posted in 2014.

Looking at this again,I can see the pink tone of his cover photo,reflected around his head.

This throwback especially pertinent too, in the week where Jim Carrey stunned many with his incredible Art and the story told along with it.

He needed color. 

We all need color. 

I am certain that all Artists use their Art as a life force and resonate with his words here. His description of living in his bedroom for half of his childhood writing,drawing and loving the solitude was very pertinent - many of us have been "there ".Beautiful work.

Jim reminded me also of all the other talented "stars" - known for other creative "entertainment outlet's",who suddenly show us their hidden talents. Sometimes hidden for a long time.Went and STOKER is an obvious reference here.

So in the week where I saw Jim's Art for the first time ,I also watched "Mr Silk" - Harry Lennix - in a current US Drama series..#whoknew? - still sharing his "artform"

.. and..

..a beautiful #Pink #Elephant popped into my Instafeed for #Elephantday - from the account of Sir Anthony Hopkins.. leaving his indelible "creative entertainment outlet".. for us all to enjoy.

Went once said in his interview in Poland not to leave "creativity" in a drawer - share it as able. Thank goodness those mentioned here  - and others - did just that.


Beautiful work too Grant -  a beautiful and creative reflection of Went.The clear,sharp light captured in Went's eyes draw you in - in every sense.
Image may contain: 1 person, stripes

Thank you Went for sharing  - including all of your creativity  - thus far.

Jim talks about..

"the bottom line -" is love...we want to show ourselves and be accepted...

Art - in all its forms -is the evidence of being alive." 

So true.

Love you Went

All the Feels #CalvinHarris @Youtube