Tuesday, 21 November 2017

#The News, S__T Cycle

Went's instagram words were very powerful and I wanted to reply to them . in the context of my experiences which are similar - or possibly the same -just in  different environment's over recent years. 

Despite my experiences I would still do the same - speak out for what I believe is right for myself and for others..

So I am writing in reply..as if Went had written to me..

Tuesday November 21 2017 at 12.41pm

Hey .. and thx for sharing yours!

The truth is..

and too reiterate..yes..I am outraged,shocked saddened.. .I know you are too. 

Add in hurt.

Where to put these legit feelings is difficult. As you yourself once said re depression.."it depends who you talk to.." as to whether they understand the depth of this feeling,let alone understand how to help quantify it.

How to focus an anger that wants to cut clean and hot ,is best often dispersed by other means to soften any blow I have found. Infact ,joking aside,ice is sometimes the better way - freeze it and then cut it - less painful. 

I remember your "Attitude" interview where you say..

" I don't mind if people think of me as vulnerable. I've had people confuse that quality for weakness.(...)..then I have to bring out the sword."

Interesting. I have found that. I have done that - my way..

Regarding the email to TPTB.. yes I sent more than one,speaking my and their truth,to every level .It should have been great,awesome and powerful. It is then you realise a scale of a cover up - how deep the toxicity goes. How fearful those with some power are of the others with more power..both fearful because "a lesser,vulnerable yet empowered person " (in their eyes) is rocking their big boat.

As you say then.."so what? What did you expect them to do? What should happen next?

Well actually I expected a professional response. At least an acknowledgement. From an organisation who prides itself on credibility,delivering for the "people",clearly it was unable to formally recognise or understand how their principles of ethical diversity and philosophical value judgements, were such a sham. Only works if your face fits.You once said that in Poland in your Q & A session - "if they want what you have.."

They told me by invitation that I did have what they wanted. Problem is they took it  used it exploited it cleverly,powerfully rendering me powerless and violated.

I became aware that "they" didn't have what I wanted ...which was decency. I wasn't safeguarded. I expected them to value me, my opinion, my voice ,brought forward for myself and for others.I also expected the others to support me. It seems the same toxic culture had penetrated their cliche - working for change in solitude is deeply disappointing when not in solidarity.

Yes they wanted to save face..shorten the news cycle (actually what news? my words spoken and written were lost in an Abyss).

and no ..they couldn't see "better" they preferred to keep things "tight" - they lacked creative freedom or worse took ideas "gleaned" through unique ways,as their own getting credit and some kind of smug,self centred glory. Some began to see the light but they were soon "covered" over,swamped with work,removed to another floor,another project... meaning that supportive chats over a photocopier or a coffee were no longer viable.

What could be hoped for? 

A change to their vision.A leap of faith on their part. An understanding and appreciation of experience,ethics,knowledge and skills that could enhance their organisation. I hoped for them - someone - to listen,be proactive,supportive,flexible and above all show solid,sensible leadership. Put their neck on the line - above the parapet like me - both in support and in striving to move forward as an organisation with a huge responsibility,credibility and duty.How could they support the wider economy,culture and the people in it if they couldn't protect "their own?"

Knowing that discrimination and yes harassment has taken place to me,knowing that no one helped me take further action, has been difficult. After all,there is more than one organisation and more than one person involved. But it did go to the highest level's - both in face to face and written context. All the while their respective "charitable" sides were glowing in satisfaction with positive social media and press reports..making a lot of people feel good ..those who might have been considered otherwise to have been in an unethical and very quiet deception.

But in fighting that good fight,I did eventually what I had to do - had no choice but to do for my own safeguarding and mental health.. sadly.... 

and when the anger demands that I cut hot and clean - 

I just picture them on the toilet.

I picture them at their most vulnerable.It takes away their supposed superiority. While many of us could sit quietly reading or enjoying the moments of peace and privacy,others should by rights ,sit there for hours....because they are so full of it.

Or  I think back to the fable The Emperors New Clothes. When you see through them.. and you find those who abuse or have abused in any capacity... it is difficult to see them any other way.It depends on the severity and levels of forgiveness.

We all know those people. 

Thank you - still fighting and very much appreciate the support you offer.


Monday, 20 November 2017

Embrace your Doodle

A few years ago I bought a book for someone who has always doodled... for all the years I have known them - and that is a lot.!.

They have doodled at every opportunity.

I am not certain if Doodling is a criteria that meets the Myers Briggs Personality Indicators but I have read a paper that explains logically that doodling aids creativity and aid's concentration even when (usually) completed in work meetings and is also relaxing - thus allowing the creative,motivating thought process to engage.Positive I think for difficult meetings around a table that are more "work in progress" situations rather than crisis discussions.
Doodling I agree has to fit in appropriately to the situation but when - as planned (see below) a diary is just full of meetings,it is easier to recognize which are more "doodle" meetings than others. 

When I gave them the book they sadly didn't see the funny side... but years later they still doodle - on a pad.. in a room ..with or without important people... who also "doodle" in their own way.. by scrolling on a phone...as if that is more acceptable than actual pen on paper "doodling".!!

Interestingly however on looking at the book today I notice this..

A prison wall year planner.!! 

I would have sent this to the #PB team for season 5 if I had seen it sooner... because THAT "Prison Break especially took incredible planning.. tight for time,directors,travel,crew,cast,film,action,heat,food,..etc.

Meanwhile Went, I have seen the "Reese" on your Instapage - subtle Christmas hint planning I think... or I can buy you a ruler if you like ;)

We know Went doodles - one of Dominic's #early #PB "daily" screenplay's was found to have Went doodles in!

So "bloggers"..enjoy your doodles in a safe,secure and appropriate environment- and most importantly don't pretend that you don't do it.

Embrace Your Doodle!!


Saturday, 18 November 2017

Previously at another Wedding...

Meanwhile back on Earth-X plenty have joined the Wedding of Barry and Iris.

This story-arc is giving us one of the best Went/Len-Liner's .....

... "but we are not most people Sara.."

Leonard - standing out in a crowd...
Mick - wondering why he is there...
..Falling asleep..

and hiding...

And then there is...
Image result for citizen cold legends crossover

With more to follow.

In Celebration

There are always things to celebrate... and these beautiful photos of Serena Williams at her wedding to Alexis O'Hanian are no exception. 

I have watched Serena on Court for many years passionately powering her way to legendary athletic status while epitomizing strength,agility and determination that continues to motivate. 

Moving from her Court to the Cool Contemporary Art Gallery in NOLA consolidates the way forward for them both now. Very apt in light of this blogger having a wedding themed weekend too.

So I wanted to post here to wish the couple well and to share these elegant and stunning photographs in their own right.

Credit to photographers for @Vogue
Thanks to @Vogue.

 Congratulations Serena,Alexis ..and Olympia.

Health,Happiness and ...
#love xxx

Image result for serena and alexis wedding

Image result for serena and alexis wedding
Image result for serena and alexis wedding vogue

 Image result for serena and alexis wedding vogue

Friday, 17 November 2017

Dominic and Wentworth

I am in awe of these words posted by Dominic and Wentworth on instagram over the last 24 hours.

Many words have been written and posted by others during these impactful and reverberating days - including work colleagues in the LoT Writers room,Stephen Amell,Emily Bett Rickards,Grant Gustin,Melissa Benoist and Caity Lotz . Supportive and empowering -as much as able.

The truth is that everyone condenses the facts,hopefully reflects on the unforgettable messages of those facts and therefore decides what action they may or must take. 

Dominic is raw and on point - written in pain clearly and, I sense,... sad disgust.He is prepared and probably has now expressed that to "TPTB".

Went expressively responds in support beginning with describing his evolving truth -and his thoughts that he is about to express;that he might think and feel differently tomorrow and that he "reserves". the right to do so. 

Sharing their outrage,shock and sadness recognizing that they are mutual legitimate feelings,Went goes on to express, in his "instant -logical- practical-but-warm -type- text-speak" how he wants to be the most powerful ally possible by amplifying concerns raised by others.I could hear his fingers pounding with emotion on the Querty - using a voice activated type wouldn't have picked up on the punctuation he used. 

Similarly I picture Dom,his hat tilted back on his head slightly ,pounding his phone keys hard,fast with a deep frown outwardly describing his intent and rage.

I love them both -in different ways - understanding completely what Dom feels he has to do.

Thank you both for your insightful,emotional and meaningful words in support and love.



Thursday, 16 November 2017

Remember This?





And we also had...



Sad that we haven't heard any more regarding both those projects...

However... #updates on Earth-X



love xx

More than a few moments ..

..without the mobile phone was interesting. 

It has happened before - a 5 day stretch was the last time - but I was prepared. Yesterday was by accident.

Needing to make a call to confirm afternoon plans raised a "throw back" moment.

While dealing with the important tasks in the appropriate place,I asked politely if they could direct me to the nearest payphone - now suddenly one of the most important places in the town centre..

..that took me back to a #tbw moment..a #i'vebeenherebefore..moment  in #Larchmont.

We visited the lovely village of Larchmont in 2012 - I had seen it so often in (sadly) often un- planned "pap" photos - but also in great fun times too - such as the handcuffs,pillow and keys moment .

So we browsed Larchmont for a while and I bought a "frap".. 

I had realised pre-frap,that we could not hail a cab - one of the differences between LA and New York. Obviously if Went had still lived in Larchmont,I would have asked him for a lift back to downtown.. as the only person I "knew"...(!!!). but he had moved from there some time before.. so.

Asking a nice man with son if he could help - he confessed that he had never actually needed to so didn't know how to call a cab...

I asked in the Coffee shop who were helpful but also busy so that wasn't as helpful as I had hoped.

Then enter the Bookstore on my left.

As blogged here ,using the true facts that were obvious ..with a   #wemightbestrandedinLarchmont look on my face..the bookshop lady kindly rang a cab for us - who then took us on a warp speed drive on the LA freeway (!!!). 

I think only the Flux Capacitor went faster.

So a "deja vous" moment..non matrix style..the glitch was overcome - and my hair eventually recovered..the windows were open so my hair resembled that   #bridgetjonesmoment..

Image result for bridget jones hair moment in car

@bridgetjones @dailymail.co.uk

Thank you to those who helped yesterday and on throw back day too.

..and of course the #WentwithPillowsmoment - for those "little naps.."..in Larchmont.

Thanks to the fan who delivered those to him and gave us this wonderful Went memory.

love lovelove

Image result for wentworth miller pillows

Related image