Sunday, 25 February 2018

Birthday George

Lucky enough to celebrate birthdays,I have been conscious for many years that I share a birth date with the sadly departed but forever iconic George Harrison.

Some of his music along with the Beatles and independently of them,are tracks that are easily reachable in my memory.

Played here before but again in HIS memory - timeless music for a birthday  that signifies time passing but reminds me of another year beginning.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018


Delighted to see the happy news that Russell and Steve are engaged.

Russell was born near to where I live and he - in character- has been the only superhero to reveal the alter ego and loving side of ‘Leo’ . Delivering the kiss was a watershed moment for them both and for the comic book tv genre ... and certainly for #Legends #Leonard and #Wentworth fans ...
( there has been a lot of water so far this week...!!!) .

Congratulations Russell and Steve and all good wishes for your future together .
Love xx

The Week Thus Far

In the week thus far and having learned a little about the story of #The Shape of Water , I expected to be an emotional watery blob on the floor by the end ., and yes - water was apparent both on and off screen. A beautiful "operatic" and "ethereal" film, elegantly and evocatively delivered.Excellent.

In perfect contrast #The Black Panther perfectly showcased new and established talent in a sexy unique superhero mixture of culture, legend,new friends and family tradition wrapped within a futuristic advanced possibility of utopia and superpower.All wore their black -one way or another -  magnificently.Excellent film.

Meanwhile,another magnificent creature was seen out looking possibly like he was in "Flatpack" or a similar house hold provision land.

If the former - Went could you pick me up the new catalog please?Next time you go shopping... - thank you.
Love you.

@ Black Panther

Monday, 19 February 2018

#TimesUp #MeToo

#TimesUp is having its Time. Last nights #BAFTAs mostly wore black in support . Yesterday also saw  the announcement that #EmmaWatson had given her incredible financial support to the new #JusticeandEqualityFund

Of course the money should be in the system all ready and no one should need to fight for Justice and Equality..but we are talking reality here.

In reality however #TimesUp needs to be rigourous in its evidence gathering of how it has impacted and will impact change over the months and retrospective years. How will I know- a blogger who cares - that you have made a difference in the life of a woman caught up in the #MeToo or #Equality hashtag? 

And in light of some #charities or #charitableevents being less than accountable on many levels, I am sure that legalities and protocols are in place to protect the very message’s being given out that are being warmly received.

Congrats to all the winners last night - especially #Three Billboards... now there is a Woman on a Mission!!! 


Saturday, 17 February 2018

Happy Birthday Dom

Happy birthday Dominic. 

Thankyou for all you give including precious minutes of your time and a long lasting ,loving friendship to Went.
... and all your (surfing) pics ...

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Thinkin 'Bout You

A special ,"gentle and engrossing" cover of "Moon River"  - and more - by #FrankOcean just seems appropriate today @youtube @tumblr.

Frank Ocean - Thinkin 'Bout You

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Disco Valentine

Happy Valentines Day XX

... and now we know the real reason why Went left #Legends... :-)

...he didn’t want to do the Disco eppy!! 

The chances were high that he might have been expected to join in as he is wearing a white suit.. and thanks to previous footage - especially in Morocco- we know he can dance.

But those who are dancing here look fantastic- especially Brandon.. who could rip off his jacket Travolta if not Kent style .

Link on Caitys Instagram and Twitter for actual disco action.
@ legendsoftomorrow.

Happy Valentines Day Went. 
Love love love