Thursday, 19 July 2018

The Stoops

Anytime I choose, I can take a walk around the block and pick a tree - any tree - and decide it reminds me of a Saturday in Prospect Park, in Brooklyn, when I was a kid... Sun shining, me on my bike, looking for trouble, wind in my hair and six quarters in my pocket (enough for a slice and soda), the whole day before me... That's a good memory. It inspires me. It makes me feel feelings while stopped on the sidewalk, looking at this chosen-at-random, dime-a-dozen tree. From now on that tree and me? We got a "thing" goin' on. When I see that tree it will trigger a memory. Of Brooklyn. And I will be moved. But before I took a walk around the block, that tree was just a tree. Nothing particularly inspiring about it. (Not to me anyway.)

I liked this thought - taken from Went's facebook essay.

The image of Went having the wind blow through his hair makes me smile. Beautiful tight curls when it grows now I imagine the same or maybe straighter hair when he was a "kid". And Went looking for trouble? That is refreshing to hear but surprises me a little because he has often spoken of his loving but "conservative" upbringing giving me the (wrong) impression that he was not allowed to "look for trouble" - let alone take any home.

Comments on Lu Yu decades later where he speaks of not even attempting to consider the possibility of getting his ear/s pierced - (in discussion about early thoughts of singing as a career i.e a "folk" or "rock and roll" star..) because he would be "straight out of the door".

Brooklyn has a wonderful "feel" to it on a sunny day with a wisp of a breeze. The dappled leaves and sounds of children were noticeable as we walked to the subway. Passing the Brownstones there were bikes - Adults and Children's - mostly, but sometimes just propped against,or on the top level of the "Stoops". He talks of the Park - the wide open space - that I briefly saw en-route to and from Red Hook. I imagine that possibly the "slice and the soda" encouraged the Pizza Love to this day - not difficult - first bite of a mouth watering Pizza, lingers and changes you for ever.

(One of the best I ever had was at 35,000 feet with American Air - who knew that an airline served Pizza sky high??)

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And back to earth,there were many trees on the streets on Brooklyn- bright green,full and alert on the day that I walked by and under them.

So Went's post reminded me of that - the feel and the sound.It also reminded me of a still from #PB5.

Related image
From what he writes, Went will hopefully always have Brooklyn fondly tucked in his heart.

I do.

#lovelovelove Wentworth xx

@fox #pbs5

Sunday, 15 July 2018


I'd like Went to McGyver his way into my Instagram feed please with some pixels; or a JPEG or two. 

I am sure he is really busy, deep into some drama figuratively or literally,visiting both garage sales and Mexican restaurants in between while perhaps creatively restoring or transforming a home.

I know Michael is the McGyver student ,learning over each Prison Break episode , but I am missing Went - even though he is writing and reflecting, on his Facebook page.

And after all these Michael years, I am sure that McGyver will have embeded his unique, warrior streak 
into Wentworth - even if just a little.
Hoping all is well.


Thursday, 12 July 2018

Of Mice and Mercedes

Tell me it was the Mercedes Went? 

The one your Grandma gave you? 

Lovingly nurtured and stored , warm and safe..including the mice -  in your hood..Guessing that they wouldn't be disturbed.?

Or was it a more recent 4x4 (that then became 8x8 etc know what can happen with undisturbed  mice).?

Great story.Strong writing from you again - On Boundaries...and how some Mice took "free rides"

But this post is the light to the dark; the smooth to the rough...

So I picture those mice. Always stealth like especially at Christmas...(seriously not even a squeak? Or a rustle.. in the "in car" discarded M bag or Coffee cup ?) enjoying the road trips, the cozy warmth and occasional journeys out to visit a food source - preferably, and obviously not- under your foot pedal on the 5.

We brought a mouse home once - from a holiday. All of us wanted to get home - and they clearly wanted another environment. Suspicious for a while but not seen until months later,when I heard strange noises in the night.. I mean stranger than usual.

Even then the little mouse didn't stir (!) until more time later - spotted running for the door on a summers day... the heat and BBQ beckoned.. and their hiding exposed.

Not seen since even though I hear relatives are doing well in nearby garages.

Thank you Went for your insightful reflection On Boundaries,which are bound up in etiquette and sport;business and ethics as part of the  philosophical, cognitive,spiritual and physical parts of ourselves.

And please .. tell me it was the Mercedes Benz c.1982 300 sd.. (with oil and mice?) :)xx



Thursday, 5 July 2018

10 Seconds

Went published a public note yesterday about inspiration.

Lots of things "popped out" at me... like where is he acting right now as the out of work salesman?

And ..I have an Emerald green sphere,Went, that you can borrow - similar but bigger than the door knob - but soothing,round glass to the touch. 

But the most amazing thing of all was that "fans" ask Went to write something "inspiring" to them - from him - in the 10 seconds of their "quality time" with him.

How ridiculous!!!

Surely being lucky enough to be in the front of a Went queue - in the first place - ,to probably have the opportunity to shake his hand,speak to him and then get his name written by his hand .. is enough ?

You (A Fan) want him to come up with "a line?" 
For you - and you alone? 
What are you going to do with "that line"? 
How will you use his words in your life? 
Are you going to let him know that his "one liner" ,for you .. helped you achieve....???
What?? Exactly..?!!

Went does not want to disappoint but it seems to me - from what he writes on his #fb page - that some of the "fans" have put him/put him in the position of (extra) stress and pressure by their ungratefulness.

That is how I see it.

Went asking your name (often - if more than 10 seconds I imagine..)and writing his name in front of you - for you - then looking at you as the glossy print is returned... is inspiration enough.

Surely... ( don't call me Shirley ;) lol xx)

As a "Fan" of Wentworth y'all should know that.


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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

May The 4th...

..of July be a cool one..

For Went,his family and friends and all those great Americans that I have met as I travel...

Happy Independence Day

Here in Fenway Park Sept 2017 - an impromptu powerful practice.


Tuesday, 3 July 2018

An Obvious Post

In looking ahead to the new season of Legends and The Flash,the link below @bleedingcool discusses the five things that "we" want to see.

Not surprisingly Went as Leonard - in which ever Cold disguise- is an obvious post. 


More of Citizen Cold

Wentworth Miller improves any episode he’s in. Regardless if he’s Captain or Citizen, more Snart is always better. But since he went back to Earth-X to marry The Ray, we’d like to see them both come visit the Legends for a few episodes in the new season. With Firestorm gone, they could use The Ray’s fire power — and just think of what Leo brought this last season… the interactions with Mick, the joke about the Elongated Man on The Flash… and the Martin Stein puppet.

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Rough Sleeper

I was an early bird this morning thanks to the local Police helicopter doing its no doubt essential thing at 4am.

So awake for the dawn after a "rough sleep",the opportunity was taken to have breakfast by the sea. One of the restaurants was open and quite a few of us "early birds" flocked for a "feast" of some description.

An Omlette and two cups of copper coloured tea later,we watched treasure seekers on the beach digging up worms before the rush of the rising tide enveloped their welling-toned feet.

In the time while I ate,many ran past in jogging outfits aka tight fitting attire that breathes "for you". Water bottles held tightly, all were panting in the heat. 
Many dogs were pulling their owners along the path and by default ,all were panting too- pulling at the leash to get to the shade - and icecream.

It seems that the dogs in the know eat ice cream "here" early on a Sunday morning - their treat for the week perhaps.

A walk for a while later,the seaside was filling up - more tight fitting lycra,water bottles and dogs avoiding the fast cyclists,who highlighted their fitness by talking as they raced along the cycle track where dogs and owners seemed to be oblivious to that particular oncoming windrush - in some cases just getting out of the way. 

And as we walked up the cliff side,I saw a quilt tucked under a public bench,ready for tonights "rough sleep".

In context my rough sleep wasn't rough at all and the combination of it all reminded of  "Diner" - one of Went's first essay's.


The Stoops

Anytime I choose, I can take a walk around the block and pick a tree - any tree - and decide it reminds me of a Saturday in Prospect Park, i...